Childrens’ Groups

We have groups suitable for children aged 3 to 11. SPYS (St.Peter’s Young Stars) meet in the church hall adjacent to the church during the 10.30am Sunday Service. Everyone starts in church and the children are accompanied to their groups by their leaders. Parents or carers are welcome to come along too.
We learn of God’s love for us through stories, games, craft, “cooking”, drama, puppets and prayer.

Children under 3 remain in the church service. They may like to go to the play area at the back of the church but must be accompanied by a parent. There are also toy bags available from where you collect your service booklets.

One of our leaders writes: “My name is Sam and I am just one of the leaders who teaches the “Bubbles group” of SPYS, the children in my group are from 3 to 7 years old. Because I believe children learn through play, I always try to do a creative side to my lessons so the children not only pick up the message that I’m trying to teach them from the bible that week but also have fun. We talk lots so that I can learn from my group, to understand them. My lesson last time was when Mary received the message that she was to have baby Jesus, she was baking at the time, we read the story together, I ask the children questions on what we’ve read, checking their understanding and then we decorated cakes to copy what Mary was doing but in the modern day, like I said children learn through playing and having fun, this I believe is what we do best!”


Craft and Story Sessions

We hold craft afternoons a few times a year, usually associate with festivals such as Christmas, Easter and Harvest. In 2012 we held alternative to Halloween at which we made all sorts of things with the theme “The Light of the World”, including the banner shown here.



At St Peter’s we take the safety and wellbeing of our children, young people and vulnerable adults extremely seriously. We have a Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy and Procedure which is reviewed annually by our Parochial Church Council and is in line with the advised policies provided by the Diocese of Peterborough. We are committed to good working practice, including safe recruitment of workers. A copy of our Policy for the Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults and a link to the Safeguarding pages of the Diocesan website can be found below. Our Parish Safeguarding Officer is Jim Reynolds, who can be contacted by

St. Peter’s Safeguarding Policy

Diocese of Peterborough’s website Safeguarding pages



If you would like to find out more about our work with children please contact Rev. Rachel, on 01933 623740.